What happens when a prissy, stuck up princess makes you an offer you can’t refuse?
She needs a boyfriend.
He needs the money.
But even the best-laid plans go astray when feelings get involved.

Xavier is a first-class asshole.
He uses his fist instead of his words.
He’s rude and emotionless.
And he couldn’t be any more perfect.

My plan is pretty simple.
Use Xavier to get what I want from my father.
Do my internship then leave for college.
I was ready for it all.
All, but the broken heart.

Charlie is infuriating.
She doesn’t stop talking.
She’s intrusive.
But I needed the money to save my brother’s life.

Over time public appearances became private dates.
Small talk turned into deep conversations.
Lines got crossed.
Feelings got hurt.
Someone broke rule number five.
Don’t fall in love.