The Holt Brothers Series


One ordinary day.
Eighty-five missed calls.
In that moment Chloe knew that her world was about to come crashing down.

When Chloe Jennings realized that the only things keeping her in LA were meaningless relationships and her toxic mother, she packed her bags and moved to Nashville.

This is going to be the year of Chloe. However the road to self discovery will come at a price; No men for three hundred and sixty-five days.

Dylan Holt is a six-foot, tattooed, brown eyed distraction that Chloe didn’t need. Yet everywhere Chloe went, Dylan was there. The further she pushed him away, the closer it pulled them together.

But when tragedy strikes, will Chloe lose her chance at a happily ever after before it even began?


Ever since Astor Blue became a household name, lead singer Ben Holt has been on top of the world. He thought he had it all – the beautiful women, the mansion and the fast cars. But everywhere Ben goes, trouble follows, and the tabloid headlines were threatening to bring his career to an end.

His plans to lay low are disrupted when Victoria Hart unexpectedly comes back into his life. Ignoring his brother’s request to stay away from her, he goes knocking on her door only to be greeted by a three-year-old Riley. Ben doesn’t do relationships and sure as heck doesn’t want kids. But Victoria and her tutu-wearing, superhero obsessed daughter made Ben realize that there was more to life than his career.

But somewhere in between the pizza nights and sleep-overs, friendship turned into love. Then love turned into heartbreak when Riley is put in the middle of the harsh reality of Ben’s lifestyle and the only way to protect her is to walk away.

Ben finally had it all.
Until he didn’t.